A statement Issued by the Union of Islamic Radios and Televisions on the “World Press Freedom Day”

The world celebrates World Press Freedom Day on 3 May 2019 under the title "Media for Democracy: Journalism and Elections at the Time of Media Misguidance". For the importance of this event, the Union shall issue the following statement:

First: the Union considers freedom of the press to be integrated with the public's right to knowledge and acquaintance, which requires journalists and the media to express the people’s issues and stresses the need to assistance and support for the press to ensure their role and ensure their continuation as a platform for plurality and democracy.

Second: the Union indicates the seriousness of the recent international reports of violations of the freedom of the press and the media worldwide, which requires the necessary measures to be taken to enhance press freedom and to prevent such violations.

Third: the Union encourages the strengthen of the values of the journalistic profession such as objectivity, accuracy and integrity, preventing the spread of fabricated news and inaccurate information, especially in the virtual space, to ensure the freedom of expression and accessibility to informational sources and broadcast it to the public, and to conduct a comprehensive review of the legislations regulating the press and media in order to clarify and develop them.

Fourth: The Union stresses the need to pay attention to the changes facing the media and the profession of the press, which requires finding alternatives towards the new media and keeping up with the technological revolution to preserve the role of the media and the press because of their importance in the development of societies and their progress.
Fifth: The Union stresses the importance of what this event represents as an opportunity to the media to discuss the importance of the press and issues related to freedom of the press and the rights of journalists, and to provide a comprehensive reading of these profession achievements in the field of media and the threats it still faces.

Sixth: The Union calls for commemorating the martyrs of the press and media, and pays praises those who lost their lives during performing their media role all over the world

The General Secretariat of the Islamic Radios and Televisions Union

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