A statement issued by the Islamic Radios and Televisions Union on the arbitrary arrest of Journalist Marzieh Hashemi by US authorities

The US authorities arrested last Sunday prominent journalist Marzieh Hashemi during a family visit to the United States, without any charge submitted to her, in a violation of international laws and charters, and she was ill-treated, forced to remove her veil and tortured, in an ethnic and cultural discrimination behavior, creating a wave of condemnation, rejection and denunciation. Upon this:
First: The Islamic Radios and Televisions Union condemns the arrest of prominent journalist Marzieh Hashemi, and considers this a violation of laws, as well as freedom of press, and hold the US authorities full responsibility for the repercussions of such behavior
Second: The Union demands the immediate release of Marzieh Hashemi, as well as treating her upon the humanitarian and legal basis, in addition to respecting her humanitarian and professional rights
Third: The Union declares its full support of Hashemi and Press TV, and backs the rightful demands of its immediate release, besides standing by this rightful cause
Fourth: The Union calls on its member media outlets and the related international organizations for an exceptional attention to this cause, and granting special care in the context of protecting the freedom of journalism, press and journalists
Fifth: The Union calls for the widest media solidarity campaign with Marzieh Hashemi in defending her, helping release her and condemning its abduction
Sixth: The ethnic discrimination and cultural violation against prominent media symbols and figures that have significant anti-hegemony, terrorism and Takfirism stances, is an attack against the human dignity that requires defending such figures and protecting them

IRTVU Secretary General

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