News and Political Speech Committee recommends establishing a committee of news managers and a digital archival library

News and Political Speech Committee of Islamic Radios and Televisions Union held its session No. (18.2 / 3/9/1) on 27 June at the Union office in Beirut.
The session was chaired by Mr Ibrahim Farhat, the general director of Al-Manar TV and the Chairman of News and Political Speech Committee of the Union. Vice Chairman of the Committee, Dr Anwar Abu Taha, Director of Palestine TV today, Mr Kassem Matarik, Director of U-news participated in the session. The Members of the Committee Dr Fouad Ibrahim, Director of Al-Naba'a Channel, Ibrahim Al-Dailami Director of Al-Masirah Channel, and Dr Masoud Jahrami, Executive Director of the Pearl Channel also attended the session.
Sheikh Nasser Akhdar, Undersecretary General of the Union and Dr Mohammad Ali Jaffar, CSRO of the Union were also in the session.
The committee discussed the security situation and political developments in the region, especially the recent events in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran.
The schedule and main items of the Committee:
- The practical objectives of the Committee and its implementation mechanisms
- Terms of reference of the news and political speech
- The Committee's general policies
- New programs (directions)
After that, several recommendations were issued:
- Providing media coverage of all security and political events in the region
- Establish a committee of news managers and set its first meeting in mid-July 2018 in order to enhance cooperation and news exchange between the newsrooms.
- A scenario for the exchange of photographic archives between member channels
- Preparation of a study on the effective use of the new media.
- Study the all other needs.

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