Training Committee of IRTVU recommends meeting the training needs of the members

Training Committee of Islamic Radios and Televisions Union held its session No. (18.3 / 3/9/1) on 29 June in the Union office in Beirut.
The session was chaired by Sheikh Ali Karimian, Secretary General of IRTVU and the Chairman of the Training Committee of the Union.
The chairman of the Supreme Council of the union Mr. Mudar Al-Bakaa, Vice Chairman of the Committee Dr. Talal Hatoum, Director of Radio Al-Resala, Haji Hussein Rizk Director of UCMT, and the Committee members Sheikh Hassan Shaaban, director of Al Sahat Channel, Sheikh Hassan Bashir, director of Al - Bashaer Radio, Dr. Ibrahim Zrigh director of Al - Sarat Channel participated in this session.
Sheikh Nasser Akhdar, Undersecretary General of the Union and Dr Mohammed Ali Jaffar, CSRO of the Union also were in the session.
During the meeting, the schedule of the Committee was reviewed. The most important items were:
- The practical objectives of the Committee and its implementation mechanisms
- The specialization of Training Committee
- The general policies of the Committee
- New programs (directions)
- Five-year training plan
- The new training course
- Media Academy
The most important recommendations were:
- A committee to study the needs of Training Committee members
- A scientific committee to evaluate the needs.
- A survey made by UCMT to measure the effectiveness and results of the training and show the results of the evaluation during the next session of the Committee.
- A proposal for training system of the Union made by UCMT Center.
- Complete the five-year media training plan in the Union, prepared by the UCMT

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