New channels join Islamic Radios and Televisions Union

New channels join Islamic Radios and Televisions Union

The General Secretariat of the Union, after studying the applications for membership, announced the acceptance of a group of channels and television stations.

This group includes channels from Iran, Palestine, Lebanon, and Kenya. From Iran, Ifilm channel, Hispan TV channel, Sahar Kordi, Sahar Azari, Sahar Belaghan, Sahar Urdu, Ofogh Channel, Auj Foundation, radio and TV of Khorasan, Nasr Channel and others. From Palestine, Voice of the People Radio, Voice of the Nation Radio, Al Isra, Media Production Film Company, Welayat Channel, Al Mawqaf Channel, Al Abba TV Channel, Al Taliaa Channel and others. From Lebanon, Al-Arz Film Production Company, Saba Group, Mim Company, Al Manal Company, Sawt Al Huda Radio, Al Ahed Foundation and others and Al - Mahdi channel from Kenya.

Thus, the Islamic Radios and Televisions Union has reached two hundred and three members from thirty-five countries of the five continents. Therefore, The Union, by having more than 200 members, is the largest Media Union in terms of membership, geographical coverage, religious, political and linguistic diversity, and membership of radios, televisions, media institutions and news agencies.

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