Media services of the Union

The Union has provided its members with number of facilities such as media equipment and services on various occasions and events like war in Yemen, Syrian, Egyptian and Iraqi upheavals, Quds Day, and NAM summit in Tehran. It has also undertaken some studies in field of satellite and ways of substitution in case its network members encounter jamming of their programs or other technical problems. Some other activities of the union and its members include coverage of developments, live broadcast, and breaking the cocoon of news blackout towards the oppressed people of different countries, active media presence towards the events and occasions of the region, defeating media conspiracies against Resistance Front in the region. The Internet website of the Islamic Radios and Televisions Union at address is for the purpose of the information dissemination and facilitating the realization of objectives of the union all in addition to providing services of publishing news on social networking sites in order to face the enemy’s media war and defending the sanctities and interests of Islamic Ummah.

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