Ettehad Festival, Islamic Film Market and Exhibition for Media Technology

Exhibition for Media Technology
Referring to needs for innovation in producing media equipment and self-sufficiency in the process of producing as well as increasing the efficiency and reducing the costs, an exhibition of “Media Technology” is held annually with the General Assembly concurrently. The exhibition offers new cycle of innovations and initiatives in the field of technology every year. The first and fourth rounds of the exhibition were established in 2010 and 2014. The fifth round of the exhibition offers the latest equipment and initiatives in the fields of media management in crisis situations, interactive TV, necessity in use of cyberspace and security in signaling.

Islamic Film Market
Islamic film market was established in order to create mechanism for transaction and also exchange of Islamic healthy productions in genres of movie, series, documentary, animation and etc. and to introduce capabilities of the members and Muslim producers.

Ettehad Festival
The members’ festival of Ettehad was established to create healthy competition among the members of the union to promote the quality and quantity of their

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