Islamic Radios and Televisions Union has a particular interest in research and futuristic studies. The research activities of the union include research projects, preparation of various research reports, media think tank, workgroups of Middle East and Islamic Awakening as well as the workgroup of “Our media diplomacy and that of the West”, scientific workgroups of sessions which are responsible for preparation of documents` drafts, reports and enactments, release of strategic documents and studying futuristic issues. Some titles of the researches are as follows:
• Religion and modern media
• Proceedings of great studies on “Halal Media” and branding
• Proceedings of scientific meetings on “Religion, media and kids”
• Proceedings of the meetings on “Our media diplomacy and that of the West”
• Collection of the union reports (legal views about membership of the news agencies in the union, analysis and review of various activities of the union and so on.)
• Collection of research projects on different issues related to the Islamic Ummah and the world of Islam (such as those related to the Islamic Awakening)
• Preliminary studies with regard to establishment of the Atlas international visual news agency important historical occasions, ongoing events and various issues have been publicly released or sent to some or all members.

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