Rights and Commitments

Rights and Commitments

1- Rights: Participating in the meetings held by the Union, discussing the articles of the agenda and suggesting proposals in this regard, voting on the proposed decisions, contributing to the Union's activities and benefiting from its services, participating in and benefiting from the news, programs, joint production exchange and training and studies, benefiting from the committees, centers and institutions of  the Union, and nominating and candidacy for membership or accepting responsibilities in the Union's institutions.

2- Commitments: Abiding by the rules of the primary and internal laws and the established systems and not performing any activity that contradicts with the Union, its institutions and members' goals and general interests, participating in the Union and its institutions' works, committing to the decisions they issue, paying membership fees and annual subscription fees, contributing to putting the annual agenda, performing it after ratification, and committing to cooperation with the Union in its different activities

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