Terrorists’ Shells Hit IRTVU’s Damascus Office

The office of the Islamic Radios and Televisions Union was subjected to material damage as a result of the bomb shells hit by the so-called “Jaysh al-Islam” terrorists in the Syrian capital city of Damascus, especially the shelling of the residential buildings in al-Mazzeh and the area surrounding the Umayyad Square, in the morning of Saturday, April 07, 2018, that martyred 5 civilians, including a child and a woman, and injured more than 30 civilians, some of which are in critical conditions.

Commenting on the morning attack, Deputy Secretary General of the Union stated that “this aggression reveals the barbarism and brutality of terrorist groups in Syria, as they target safe civilians and honest and purposeful media outlets that supported the Syrian people and state in its war on terrorism.”

The Deputy Secretary General further stressed that “such attacks won’t hinder the will of life in Syria, and won’t prevent media outlets and journalists from continuing their job in delivering the honest and guided message of media, such attacks won’t but contribute to exposing their real images in front of the Arab and international public opinion.”

It is worth mentioning that the Damascus office of the IRTVU has been inaugurated in the country ever since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, and has played a pivotal role in supporting Arab and international media in confronting terrorism. The office sponsors several activities and events in the Syrian capital and has had a major role in supporting and backing media in the Syrian Arab Republic. It is a major international organization that embraces some 235 media outlets that range between televisions, radios, news agencies and production companies from 35 countries speaking in a total of 10 languages. The Union also owns many strong and influential media outlets as well as a group of media offices in the capitals of the countries in the region.

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