First Meeting of Religious Scholars and Cyberspace (Opportunities and Threats)

A special meeting on " Religious Scholars and Cyberspace (Opportunities and Threats)" was held on Thursday, February 1st, at the initiative of the Media Union and its Foundation in the holy city of Qom and in the presence of cultural activists, elites and media professionals.

The meeting included two workshops held on two occasions in the morning and afternoon.

The organizers of the workshops explained the purpose of the meeting, which was aimed at raising the awareness of clerics, scientists, elites and cultural and media activists about cyberspace.

In the first workshop, the program expert first classified human life into three periods of Agriculture, Industry and Information, presented the characteristics of human life at each time, and introduced the factors that affect human lifestyles.

He added in reference to the guidance of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei that “The importance of virtual space is no less important than the Islamic revolution,” and showed the explanations of the need clear the ignorance in the media and virtual networks.

In the second workshop, another expert talks about the area of the civilization of Nowruz and Islamic thought as a speech in Afghanistan. He pointed to the currents competing between these two speeches, especially the project of the civilization of urbanization in the Afghan discourse.

He spoke highly about the minds of the people in Afghanistan, the importance of realistic rhetoric, hard work, self-knowledge, friendship, hostility and the importance of understanding the current issues. He mentioned that cultural reform must be done for our religion.

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