Islamic Radios and Televisions Union Statement on the US Decision Recognizing al-Quds as the Capital of the Zionist Entity

بسم الله الرحمــن الرحيم
[Allah praises] those who convey the messages of Allah and fear Him and do not fear anyone but Allah. And sufficient is Allah as Accountant.
Islamic Radios and Televisions Union Statement on the US Decision Recognizing al-Quds as the Capital of the Zionist Entity

The Islamic Radios and Televisions Union, in the name of its member institutions, as well as the journalists working under its institutions and General Secretariat, denounces, condemns and slams the US decision to announce al-Quds the capital of the Zionist entity and move the US embassy there. And it considers:

On the level of the position from the US decision:
This decision is a blatant aggression against the Arab and Muslim nation, their culture and civilization, and the Islamic holy sites. It is further a deep oppression against the Palestinian people and a confiscation f their legitimate rights, and a blatant violation of international pacts and rights and natural rights. This declaration represents a major humanitarian threat for al-Quds, its citizens, identity and rights and is smugness of an occupation that continues stealing the rights and violating the will of the people in the region. It is an inhumane decision that leaves dangerous repercussions on the international security and peace.

On the level of the popular position:
We ask the Arab and Muslim nation, as well as the free people of the world, to exert serious efforts against this decision with whatever the means of condemnation and rejection, and declaring solidarity and support, as well as pushing towards making the convenient decisions and ask those who are concerned to take deterring measures, such as cutting communications and diplomatic ties, stopping normalization, and urging the Arab and Islamic public opinion, and the Palestinian people, to start a new Intifada and unite around the choice of resistance.

On the level of media position:
The Union calls on all media outlets, institutions and free and honorable journalists to give exceptional media attention to the Palestinian Cause and confront this decision, as well as activating all possible means of media and all of their capabilities in support of the Palestinian people and its choices of resistance. They are also demanded to intensify news and programs media coverage on the issue of defending the rights of the Palestinian people and the Christian and Islamic holy sites. They may also take advantage of the virtual space to express their stances and reveal the true image of the US policy, remind of the aggression's continuous crimes, urge the public opinion not to stay silent and idle, and the necessity to offer all the moral and material media support for the Palestinian people, media outlets and journalists as well as other supporters of the Palestinian Cause. They may also concentrate all of their attention to the central Palestinian cause on the media level, adopting the slogan of "Al-Quds is the eternal capital of Palestine" in response to the American decision.

As the Union greets the media outlets and journalists for their respectful stances towards the Palestinian cause, it calls for more insistence to defend this rightful humanitarian cause, and announces that it will set all of its capabilities to serve it, as well as offering all the possible aid and facilitations.

Ali Karimian    
Islamic Radios and Televisions Union Secretary General

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